Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hi Friends,
Just wanted to give you a quick update!
I was in the middle of an update and got a great call!
Phillip is being released from the hospital!!!!
Thank you Lord!! He never ceases to amaze us!
I can't wait to hear from Phillip himself about what the Lord has done in his life in just 4 days!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Room and Walking!!

I just got a call and wanted to let everyone know!

Great News!

Phillip is in a room. #317

Better News!

He got up and walked himself to the bathroom!

Friday PM Update 5.7

Hello All,

I did not report any new yesterday evening as there was not much to report.

Phillip did not go in for his MRI until the afternoon around 3. A few people were able to see him as he was wheeling by. Matt Hedspeth took his hand and told him he loved him, Phillip did slowly respond in a raspy whisper, "I love you too." His eyes were sensitive to the bright hall lights and he had a pretty bad headache most of the day.

Today Phillip seems to be better. He has been able to communicate about his pain and responding a bit more quickly than he has the last couple of days. He was even able to remember the events from yesterday. He does have some additional pain on his right side today as well as a headache.

It seems that the hospital and the doctors are still not sure what is going on inside Phillip, as to what is causing his paused responses and the lack of feeling on the left side. All the test that they have run have come back normal and there is no logical explanation for what happened Wednesday. (From the time that he had the MRI which showed a blood clot to the time that they went to do the catheteriztion to dissolve the clot and it was already dissolved was 15 minutes.) You cannot explain away the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of prayer!

What we do know is that Phillip is having a better day and for that we are grateful.

Alisha is holding up well despite the long days in a hospital and despite still not knowing exactly what happened and what the future holds.

Phillip will be transfered to a regular room today on the 3rd floor of Hospital Nacional and may be discharged within a few days if all continues to evolve well. However the doctors have left instructions that he rest as much as possible as he is very week and still exhausted and therefore should not receive visitors other than Alisha and his father. But if you feel led to come and hug Alisha, she will gladly receive you. She is so grateful for your prayers, loving concern and understanding.

The children are thrilled to have their Papa here until late June and they are enjoying all the extra time they are getting with friends.

Phillip very much so still needs us to intercede on his behalf. Pray not only for his physical body and the pain, but pray that he be filled with the Holy Spirit. That his mind is stayed on the Lord, that he would believe the truth, feel God's presence, and that a melody of love would ring over and over in his heart. Pray these same things for Alisha and their children too.

Someone is working on putting together a blog so that you do not have to worry with all my emails and so that you can post comments as well. As soon as I get it all figured out we will use that to keep you posted on Phillip's progress.

I am still marveling at God's mysteries and his miracles and still so gratefully blessed by all the love so many of you have shown. THIS IS FAMILY!

Most Sincerely,
Clare Richardson

Thursday AM Update 5.6

Hello Friends,

In Ephesians 4 it speaks of Oneness in Christ about Walking in Unity together. I have witnessed this yesterday and today as I have seen so many of you "with all lowliness and gentleness, with long suffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." You each have done this in so many different ways and it has been a blessing to watch the Unity and Oneness of the body of Christ especially in times of need!

I have spoken with Alisha today and a few others who have updates. Here is what we know this morning:

Phillip did not have the lumbar spinal tap. The doctors watched his blood counts and there was no threat of Meningitis. Phillip will continue to have tests run today, including another MRI, and throughout this week as they seek to find a diagnosis.

In Alisha's words, " The left side of his body is not paralyzed, but is very weak at this point. He can speak, but as of last night, was very tired and very sleepy possibly for need of recovery and possibly from the anesthesia he was given for the artery catheterization, or of course a combination of everything. The good news is that he is so young and will most likely recover completely in time."

There was a mass that was discovered in his sinus cavity, the ENT doctor says it is from chronic allergies, or colds, and will be treated only with medication.

Alisha has a few people with her this morning for support and for translation as she has already headed to the hospital. Her father-in-law will be here around one today and will be additional support to her and for the kiddos.

All the children are well cared for and have schedules for the week. If there are any holes or gaps I will let you know.

Jess Cotton also spoke with Alisha this morning in regards to visitors and she sent me an email that I have copied below for you to read.

"I spoke with Alisha this morning and she is overwhelmed by your support and prayers. Thank you for responding so quickly and being the Body of Christ!
She mentioned, they are running tests all morning and we are still waiting for a clear diagnosis and understanding of what happened. Matt and Misty are with her at the hospital and because visiting hours are so limited, we are asking that no one else go to the hospital at this time, unless Alisha requests your presence. It is important that one or two people are with her for support and translation if needed, but right now we have that covered and will let you know if we need you to be there. I am sure when Phillip is feeling better and out of ICU, that visitors will be welcomed! You all have been wonderful with taking care of the practical needs and that is the best way to support Alisha right now. Thank you!
Bless you,
Jess Cotton"

There is one other MAJOR NEED at this point and I wanted to make all of you aware to be praying for this and consider contributing.

The Brummetts do not have medical insurance. There is no doubt that the bills are going to reach a large sum. Crossroads Bible Church has set up a fund in their name for anyone who would like to contribute.

You may write checks to "Crossroads Gospel Association" with "Brummetts" on the memo line. This may be stateside checks as well. You may drop it off at the Church office.

Alisha mentioned last night that she knows that the Lord will met all their needs. He is "their Provisional Insurance!"

She also wanted to let everyone know that she was blown away by the support, the calls, the visits, the flowers, the food and so many other things. She is forever grateful!

I will send another update this evening if there is any new news.

Praising the Lord as we wait and watch His hand and regard His mysteries,

Clare Richardson

First Update from Wed. 5.5

Hello Friends,

I know many if not most of you know that Phillip Brummet was admitted to the hospital this morning. He was admitted with little consciousness and with little use of his left side. As the day progressed they discovered a clot on the right side of his brain. He had a cat scan that showed nothing and the neuro surgeon ordered an MRI which showed the blot clot. By the time they went to administer the scope/catheterization the clot had spontaneously dissolved and there was no need to do anything to the clot. The doctors said they could still see where the clot had been.

Phillip did have a mild stroke, but what Ari Herrera explained to me was that there was a blood clot in one of his arteries. It blocked the flow of blood to the right side of his brain, causing the left side paralysis. Had the clot not cleared they were prepared to do a procedure to dissolve.

He will be in the Intensive Care Unit for a week for observation and testing as they want to address the issue of why a clot was formed in the first place. He is sitting up and talking a little bit and still gaining feeling on his left side.

Phillip had a spinal tap which the results should be available this evening. Blood culture results will be available in 2 to 3 days. Both of these things will help to rule out infections or meningitis. He is also being given blood thinners to make sure that no other clots form.

So many of you have expressed that you want to help. At this point we are going to address the next week and we will see beyond that point what the needs are. I have communicated a few times today with Alicia. Once myself and several times via others. She is in good spirits and seems to be upbeat despite the circumstances.

Since Phillip will be in the Intensive Care Alisha will be unable to spend the night there. Noah and Lily are spending tonight with the Cottons and Ella will stay at home with Alisha.

Visiting hours at Hospital Nacional are from 12-1 and then again from 6-7. There is only one person allowed back at a time and this includes Alisha. I am going to find out if Alisha will be at the hospital between these times and if she would like some company. When I find out I will let you know, as well as get an idea if and how they would like for visitors to come to see Phillip.

Most of all we need to continue to pray for Phillip and Alisha and their kiddos, Lily, Noah and Ella. We need to pray for divine healing of Philips body and for no long term repercussion from what has happened. We need to pray for the doctors to have wisdom and exhaust all the options. Pray for those caring for Phillip to see, as they already have with the clot clearing so quickly between the MRI and the catherization, for them to see the Power of our Almighty God and leaving them wanting to knowing about the Presence of the Lord from Phillip, Alisha and those who visit.

Here are some of the current tangible needs:
Dinner meals for the next week
Childcare during the day for the kids. Noah will be in school most day excluding the weekend.
Lunch for Noah on the days he has school.
Someone to pick up Phillip's Dad from the airport, the time is unknown but it will be tomorrow.

I am going to send an email after this one with a schedule with times for you to send meal, help with the kiddos, or make Noah's lunch.

I am sending this to the Brummet's small group and Alisha's Tuesday night Bible Study. If there is anyone else who I have missed and you feel like would like to know and would like to help please forward these emails on or send me their contact information.

On a funny note, at then end of the day the nurse asked if Phillip understood Spanish and HE replied, "Yo hablo espanol."

I will let you know if I have any other information as soon as I get it!

It has been such blessing to see the body of Christ come around the Brummets. What a picture!

Clare Richardson
Phil - just a short message to let you know we are praying for you and asking the Lord for a completely recovery as well as wisdom along the way.  God bless - Future staff member of CCA
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The Purpose of this blog.

Hello all,

I set up this blog so that we can all post comments to and about Phillip Brummett to encourage him and his family in this time.  This is a great place to post your well wishes and your prayers.  I will also be trying to set this up as a place where updates can be posted about Phil, as well as any needs that the family might have.  Please feel free to look around at other people's comments and be encouraged by the Body of Christ.

Thank you,

Joel Chodakowski